20 March, 2011

WG: A Tough Week to Work With.

Late again.

So, I guess I am doubling up since last week I was a little too busy getting sunburned 3 days in a row at the beach ("Howdy, Skin Cancer! See ya in a couple years.") to write anything. Sunscreen is sneaky sometimes: for example when like when it says "waterproof" on the front, but then on the back it also says "reapply after swimming". Ummmm, what?!?!? So basically there is no such thing as waterproof sunscreen, is what this tells me, and that they are all the same damn thing?

Anyway......last week was fun, as Sofia was visiting from Sweden! Yeee hawww for visitors! It's fun to have visitors on vacation, because then I don't feel bad going on a semi-vacation myself. And getting sunburnt 3 times.

The truth is, it's 8:30 PM and I'm EXHAUSTED right now and could probably just close my eyes sitting right here in this chair at the kitchen table and sleep for about 16 hours straight. Right here, right now. Let's do this. That just sounds so comfortable right now (notevenkiddingalittlebit). I just can't wait for this thesis shit to be OVER. Over and done with so I can think (or not think!) about anything else. Anything at all. Or nothing at all (even better)!!!!!!! 

I digress. This is supposed to be a post about all the good crap going on. Meh, I suppose I'll give it a whirl:

  • KITTENS! You seriously have to have a heart of stone if you don't think kittens are cute. Does thinking they are cute mean you want a litter of them dropped off at your front door? Negative. But, say, dropped off at your neighbors front door? SURE! What I am trying to say is that a stray cat that hangs around our Apt. had kittens this week -- and thankfully not in our apartment this time! Yay! She had them upstairs, which means via the unspoken code of Apartment Building Stray Cat Ethics, those lucky people now have to feed and take care of the kitten family. Sorry, upstairs people, but we all have our turn in this mess (until someone finally just takes the damn thing to get spayed, that is...). 
  • Having something to look forward to. Seriously, you guys. This summer/fall is going to KICK ASS. Now, I need to stop procrastinating and FINISH THIS THESIS so I WILL actually be doing something new this fall! 
  • Working at a bar. Two Words: free drinks. I won't complain. 
  • Cloudy days in Puerto Rico. I don't feel guilty for staying inside all day.
  • Grapefruit juice being on sale at the grocery store this week. Really. That was a major highlight.  


    Bex said...

    HA! That tiger thing is awesome. Also, take the cat in. Didn't you say it would be free? Make that your last good Samaritan deed down there.

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