23 March, 2011

Home Stretch

Yes, this is happening.

I have until April 11th to submit my FINAL THESIS DRAFT. No blood, sweat, and (many) tears included. 

Quick, someone encourage me! (Bex, you are the only one who comments on this --- give me somethin'!)


Bex said...

Think of how awesome it'll feel to have finally submitted that damn thing. It's a huge accomplishment, and we will have MANY drinks to your honor this summer to celebrate it. You're going to be a PhD candidate next year!! Just think of how fantastic that is. What a huge deal.

Your adoring fan(s) is proud of you. ha.

In the words of a great man: Git 'er done!

tessalynn said...

I second the offering of celebratory drinks! And you know Mike and Donna would offer a third but they don't so much understand blogging. You are a fantastic writer and just think-after you're done with it you won't have to stress over writing it anymore! Bonus.

Cablanch76 said...

OMG! You are so close! You can do it! I will totally be there for the celebration!

Bex said...

PS - Two whole non-Bex comments! It's a glorious day!!! :D

pseudoboricua said...

Yeeeee--hawww!! I have commenters!!!

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