10 February, 2011

No Words.

Today was the first day I was not hungover since Superbowl Sunday. Not only do I feel amazing today, but I have also renewed my vows to never drink in excess ever again because dammit if hangovers aren't the WORST. THING. EVER. My question in the morning is always the same: "Why didn't you drink more water, you dumbass?" (Note it has nothing to do with the abundance of alcohol i DID drink...Heavens no. Water was clearly at fault here for not being hydrating enough...Idiot.).

So anyhoo. Being in a hungover state for roughly 70% of the week did not stop me from enjoying a few things --- namely, PARASAILING! For FREE!!!! Just kidding! It cost me a wink and a smile ;)  JAJAJAJA. But, seriously, it did. I just love being a woman sometimes. I did however want vom all over the Caribbean on the boat ride back. Boat rides + Hangovers = Super Nausea. Noted. Lesson learned! For the third time....