09 February, 2011

It Never Ends!

Wow. I'm almost embarrassed to be posting on here, as i have not posted in.....FOREVER. Or something like that.

Yeah, I'm still alive. My last gramdparent, however, is not. Grandma Lauer took up with the spirit in the sky this past Sunday (YES, the same Sunday the GREEN BAY PACKERS WON THE SUPERBOWL I LOVE YOU AARON ROGERS CLAY MATTHEWSSSSSSSSSS (cuz of the hair, duh)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But this is another story for another day....).

So, yeah. In case you haven't noticed, every time i leave the Midwest, someone dies. I try not to blame this on myself. I blame the winter to be perfectly honest. It's cold (not good for old people) and it's depressing (not good for anyone). And, what does winter symbolize if not death?!?!

Without going into too much detail ( i don't want to jinx anything, so details will be revealed later when i have received all my acceptances and rejections), but I was accepted into a PhD. program!!! *yay* So I guess in the fall, I will be pseudo-something else (pseudo-doctor? HA!  i kid, i kid...). Anyway, that happened so I'm glad. The times they are a changin'!


Bex said...

Without jinxing it, YAY!!! :)

Bex said...

Ermmm...I feel I should clarify that I am excited for you to be a Pseudo Dr.

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