11 January, 2011

Some Brief Thoughts on Drugs.

I had a total mental breakdown today, and then took my first Xanax. I looked it up Wikipedia first (the knowledge center for lazy people) to see if there were side effects/what exactly it does it you, etc etc. I read on there it takes a week for the effects to take place, but really I think they must have meant A SINGLE PILL. Holy crap. I think this is the magical golden caplet Franzen is referring to in .The Corrections(it's called "Aslan", in the book). It has to be! I feel like I should go outside and find grassy knoll to lie down in and let the sun put me to sleep. However, it is 1:30 in the AM so that isn't really in the cards at the moment. Shucks.

Last night I was talking to N about sleeping pills, specifically Ambien, which in my opinion is basically a roofie disguised as a sleeping pill. The first time I took one, I woke up in the morning and looked it up on Wikipedia  (I like to be informed, what can i say?) and saw it caused "increased sexual arousal". I giggled to myself, and jokingly said something to The Highway about it. He looked at me hurt: "You don't remember last night?", he asks.

Friends, I didn't remember anything 5 minutes after taking the Ambien. It's fucking crazy how a tiny little pill can put you on your ass so quickly. Though, as it so happens, I did not fall on my ass, per say, but rather slid off the chair I was sitting in and had to be picked up and carried to bed in an Ambien-induced knockout, where I then allegedly tried to put the moves on The Highway but fell asleep before anything good happened. Like I said: ROOFIED!

Drugs make me nervous, but I took one tonight because other things in this life make me more nervous.

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Bex said...

Isn't Ambian the one that T-Woods nailed all those ladies while taking? Also, why do they call them roofies? You're more likely to end up on the floor than on the roof. They should call them floories. :)