23 November, 2010

Last Legs

heeeyyoooooo. i've had a couple of sips glasses bottles of vino tinto (not to mention a mojito gasolina...more on that later) so i suppose it's time for me to update this shite.

What has been happening, you ask? Well, for the first time in basically as long as i can remember, payday arrived on the 15th and I was completely taken aback by its arrival! As in, it's the first time in a LONG ASS TIME i haven't been counting down the days until I will receive my next payback. NICE! This also means I have been WORKING MY ASS OFF! And no, I don't mean "writing my thesis so hard all day everyday" working hard. I mean I worked 30 hours THIS WEEKEND at my 2 real person jobs! 30 HOURS! This is getting a little insane, yet at the same time I always have money in my pocket, so whose to complain? (Me. I complain about it ALL THE TIME.). Anyhooooo.....

I'm trying to "set my priorities straight" (finishing my thesis) but it's been somewhat difficult lately. Mainly because all I really want to do is watch horrible television (Gossip Girl) and Christmas movies and not think of much of anything for a change. Thinking is...a pain in the ass sometimes. ALSO, last weekend I WAS A PSEUDO BAR OWNER!!!! The owner was out of town and (as he has not other employees) I was trusted to hold the fort down! It was a VERY long weekend.

In other news, I've taken it upon myself to try every flavor of "Gasolina" (capri sun meets alcohol) on the Puerto Rican market. I had shunned it in the past, as I had only tried the original. And also because I'm not a fan of drinks that come in foil pouches (see boxed wine). but alas, The Highway and I stopped for gas on my bday, and I noticed in the cooler at the gas station a "mojito" gasolina! You could say it was love at first sight. Drinks in pouches are powerful stuff, that is a given. The Mojito gasolina was life changing. "How could one screw up rum, lime, sugar, and mint?" I asked myself. I still have not found the person/corporation that could. I've since tried the "pink martini" gasolina, the "sea breeze" gasolina, and the "tu madras" gasolina. The sea breeze was aight, but the mojito gasolina still holds the crown.


Bex said...

Gasolina gasolina!

Yeah...I think I attempted to try a different flavor when I was down there, but I believe you made me get the original. :)

Can't wait to come down and try the others!!!! We'll have to have a Gasolina night. All Gasolina, all night.

Jennifer said...

Hard to think of gasolina as alcohol, can't get the picture out of my head of you drinking gas! But I am intrigued!