06 December, 2010

Hot Wheels.

I'm having flashbacks of living in Maya tonight. I have been without a car for ONE WEEK, and tonight I am sitting here in from of the computer because...out of gas, out of road, out of car (name that tune!). I'm thinking about walking down to Calypso because N is working, but the risk of being run off the road/victim of a pedestrian hit and run/having my body found in the mangroves makes me think twice about it. But, not eliminate the option completely....For now, tonight I am becoming a seasoned Torrent downloader. I really want to watch Party Girl, but it's taking ages to download. Times of silence such as these kinda make me wonder like, uhhhhhhhh, what did i actually do before The Highway was around, and I was alone all the fracking time? (Probably work on my thesis. *ba-dah-ching!*)

I missed my class tonight due to the car situation. The car "situation" is that my keys have been lost since THURSDAY. Luckily (?), I really was sick this weekend, which made it easier to call in sick to work, since I wasn't *technically* lying about it. Nevertheless, I still fell like a loser. Out of desperation, I tried to Skype into my class tonight and when my ADVISER answered my frantic Skype call to the classroom computer, my pathetic face popped up in the video and I realized I was wearing a strapless top which means it looked like I was calling in the nude. :(  *sigh* Humiliating. Maybe funny tomorrow. We will see.

The Blue Whale. On vacation until I find the keys :( 


Bex said...

Um, I hope it's funny today. Because it's TOTALLY funny to me today. :)
Can you get ahold of whatever car company made the Blue Whale, and see if you can get another set?

PS - it's a Modest Mouse song! Out of Gas. I WIN.

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, ha ha, so funny! Sorry this is classic Lauer, I'm sorry. I can totally picture this! I love you girl! You always make me smile!