03 November, 2010


I met with my adviser on Monday and she gently informed me that, while if I wanted to graduated in December/Jan. I could...but that maybe it would be easier for me to wait until the Spring. I agreed.

DEFEAT. DEFEATED. Tanto nadar para morir en la orilla. Fuck.

She brought up some good points: Did I have something planned for Jan. that I absolutely needed to be graduated for? (no...) Have I thought seriously (and not just have pipe dreams) about what I might want to really do after I graduate? (negative...) Maybe by waiting to graduate, i could allow myself the month of November to prepared and submit applications to "certain things" that have applications due in December (good idea...) Aside from actually graduating and getting the H out of dodge, what was my hurry? (nothing.)

Despite all these good reasons, I still feel defeated.


Bex said...

Awww! Defeat sucks.

But, she's probably right (I hope that comes off as gentle...). Might as well wait a little longer and do a really great job on it, rather than just bang it out and get it done not quite as well. What "certain things" are you going to submit applications for?? I'm intrigued. :)

Bex said...

OH! Something good about your "defeat" - the Peaveys of the North are going to be making an appearance early this spring!!!! So, your defeat = a bonus for ALL OF US. :D

Bex said...
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pseudoboricua said...

for real???? SWEET!!!!!!!!

Bex said...

For reals!! :) I'm thinking February or March maybe? That's not going to be too late to be a huge distraction, is it?

citizenofpuertorico said...

I really appreciated your "refran" so gorgeous. Im really sorry thinks didnt work as planned.