04 October, 2010

Procrastination Station

I have become the worst procrastinator ever. And I don't mean "wow, I sure do procrastinate a lot...that is bad." While the previous statement is obvious, I mean that I am bad at being a procrastinator because my procrastination has no limits anymore. A note to procrastinators:  procrastinating becomes much much more difficult when there is no deadline, or in this case, if you are the one setting a deadline. THE WORST. Because that means you can just change the deadline. And change it again, and again. And AGAIN. For all of eternity. Procrastinators need deadlines; it's how they ever get anything done in the first place. The starting of a project at the exact moment you can wait no longer to start it. The finishing of a project at the exact moment it is to be submitted, coffee stained and crinkled. So, I have become the worst procrastinator ever because i no longer know my limits of procrastinating. There is no "last minute possible" hoovering to motivate me to start at the last possible second so i will be able to finish at the last possible second. And the elimination of this last possible second, my friends, is a procrastination nightmare.


Bex said...

Um, isn't your last possible second supposed to be just in time to squeak through and still graduate? Do you need someone tough to give you a deadline? I could totally do that... :D

pseudoboricua said...

i was supposed to graduate LAST YEAR!! so, that "last possible graduation second" has lonngggggg passed :)