10 October, 2010

Oktoberfest in PR or The Day of Drinking Dark Brews

Hey, remember when I used to get drunk and have fun all the time? Yeah, so do I. Those were the days! My salad years. Now the only time I seem to fit in a drink is when I need an alternative to weeping in front of a blank computer screen.

So, the weather has been shit the past couple days in PR, and it has been AWESOME. It's cloudy and there is a slight breeze in the air, and if you close you eyes and turn on the fan you can imagine it's Fall somewhere!!! Like Wisconsin! Or Germany.

Ok. Germany: Every year around this time,I start to get a little nostalgic for Europe -- Germany specifically. Why? Because Fall in Germany is the shit, and so is...CHRISTMAS. OMG. Every year I waste at least a week sitting online looking up pictures of Christmas Markets, or Weihnachtsmarkt, and various gluhwein recipes. Ironically, of all the pictures I have from my year studying abroad and other trips to Europe I have NEVER TAKEN A PICTURE AT A CHRISTMAS MARKET! It makes me sad every year. And every year I start this Great Internet Search which includes all of the above, plus a last minute STA and Orbitz search for plane tickets.

I did not buy a plane ticket to Germany. BUT, I did go to Oktoberfest in PR! I have been saving up for a month so I could go to this event with a nice cushion of spendable money to squander, and ooo did I spend it all...The Highway and I enjoyed various stouts and Oktoberfest micro brews and had some spatzel and brats. I love outside events in the evening! They are so fun. It was more crowded this year than it was last, but not overly crowded and it seemed to be a good mix of people from the West coast... i saw people from Cabo Red, Maya, Rincon...It was worth the travel I believe :)  Good times were had, and it was the first thing i have looked forward to in a longggggggggg time. And now it's back to Medalla.


Bex said...

Yay Oktoberfest!!!!!!

Next year, we go back to Germany for the real thing. Since I don't *really* remember all of it from this year. heh.

Oh, also? We had gluhwein from four different stands in one day while we were in Prague. Mmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Hey have you tried the Samuel Adams' Octoberfest??? It is sooo good! I went to the October fest here but it was not a big deal. The pricing was reasonable, we found a bar that sold a bucket of 5 beers for $10, you cant beat that here.

pseudoboricua said...

I just bought one the other day! they had them at Edward's Supermarket in Rincon for individual sale...it was good. They had an Oktoberfest brew from San Juan Harbor at the 1-10 Thai Oktoberfest which was very delicious!

Anonymous said...

I've only had their Pale Ale