30 September, 2010

Building Something Out of Nothing

Oh yeah, I keep a blog. Sometimes I seem to forget this little factoid. Oops, and sorry to anyone who cares. "I will try and do better". Famous last words.

Ughhhhhhh. I'm watching a show on Nova whose narrator is an old man from College de France, and B in IN FRANCE! SHe may be in Germany by this point. Double Ughhh!! Living vicariously is cool. Though i prefer the real deal. But alas. No dinero. I did spend an entire night last week looking up plane tickets on STA though (still can get the teacher discount, yessss!) I found a roundtrip from JFK to Hamburg in November (just in time for my bday!) for $600...not bad at all! But opps, i don't have $600. Damn!

I can't even tell you how desperate I am to work in Europe. DESPERATE, I tell you! Sadly, visas given to English teachers are far and few, seeing as how they have this little thing called "United Kingdom" there, who need no visa. Bastards!!!! It's times like these I start to get all angry at the U.S. immigration debate. Every other country (...in the EU...) requires a visa to live/work there. Why is the US suddenly big fat jerks if we try to require one??????????? I know it is much more complicated  than simply visa issues, and that the US was founded by immigrants and all that jazz, and I really think that is awesome. It's just moments like these where i want to go somewhere else to work but can't I start to get a little sullen on the issue. Then again, I could go there and work under the table, as many a people do. But I just feel like I'm getting too old for this under the table shit. *sigh* I want to be legit, dammit!

So, anyway. B-- if you are reading this, please please bring me back a Kinder Surprise!!!! PLEASE!

I have been trying to be diligent w/ thesis, but it has been difficult. To be honest I have starting a collage of motivational pictures/goals to keep me going. I am not depressed anymore, yay! I swallowed that depression and said "depression, we are going to start working outside of the house!" So, it's still there but mostly now it's like...bitterness. I REGISTERED FOR GRADUATION TODAY! Then i found out I can still register for December graduation (i thought it was too late), so I am going to go back tomorrow and see if I can swing that too. Just in case :)


Bex said...

Kinder Surprise = CHECK.

Also, I think you shouldn't graduate until May. Just so I can try to come out there just one more time! :D Selfish? Perhaps.

pseudoboricua said...

SOOOO, now what i listened to you.....WHEN IS THIS VISIT PLANNED FOR?!?!?!??!?! ;)