27 September, 2010

Sunday Football

 I had to work yesterday for Sunday Football, and to my luck no one came into the bar. I think like 2 people or something, in 5 hours! I don't mind working on Sunday's because it makes me feel connected to the states/back home (no one in PR watches American Football). I remember my first year here I was so homesick that I walked into a bar that had Nascar on the TV and almost started weeping (turns out, PRicans do love the Nascar...)
Anyway, this lack of customers was bad for my pocketbook, but good for my work progress. Yes, the owner lets me bring my school work w/ me to the bar while I work. One (perhaps the only) reason I decide to work there. It's slow, but a nice open air bar, so I don't mind getting paid to work on my thesis. It also got me thinking: I think I need to start scouting out places to go during the day to work. So far, I have decided Calypso because it is a.) walking distance b.) no wireless (key) and c.) lately it hasn't been too busy during the day d.) shaded but open air patio. Yay! This week i will initiate Project Traveling Thesis.


Bex said...

Awww! I remember the NASCAR incident! :)

citizenofpuertorico said...

OK...if you would like a South Park theory as to why people like Nascar watch episode 1408 "Poor and stupid". Just go to southparkstudios.com