08 July, 2010

Tick Tock

This morning I decided to check out the Public Library in Rincon as a possible work station for my new daily thesis-intensive, please-lord-help-me-finish-this-and-graduate plan. Um, let's just say I was less than impressed when I opened the doors. It really didn't even look like a library at all - primarily due to the utter lack of books anywhere. There were like 6 giant computers along the wall for public use, all which were being used by 6 preteens who were on the website "Tagged". I guess I just really don't get this Tagged thing, and if that makes me sound old and grouchy, so be it. Also, a little note to any male readers who may frequent Tagged: that chick who says she is "21" and emails you all the dimly lit booby and up shots is really a 11 year old Puerto Rican girl who is spending her summer vacation "tagging" jackasses like you while sitting in the filthiest and more pathetic excuse of a public library i've ever seen. Just a heads up. Feel free to name your first born after me.

The reason I ended up at the public lib in the first place is the basis of what the post is going to be about: I AM SICK OF PUERTO RICO. I wanted to go somewhere NEW and where I could work without interruption (and maybe some AC) and finally finish this god foresaken thesis I've been working on for the better part of 2 years and GET ON WITH MY LIFE. I need to finish so I can get out.

Everyone may hate me for complaining that, "boo-hoo, you live on a tropical island". But I am telling you, it's not all it's cracked up to be. You know that question people ask about "what 3 things you would want with you if you were stranded on an island"? That very question is derived from the universally accepted notion that living on an island would in fact not be the ideal living situation. See where I'm going with this?

Let me break it down for you, and you can decide for yourself if you would be able to live your everyday life without or dealing with the following things:

1. There is no Target (or H&M)
2. Yesterday my electricity went out twice for several hours, followed by the water. This happens at least twice a month.
3. It was somewhere around 95 degree F yesterday + humidity yesterday when the electricity (and thus AC/fans) went off
4. Puerto Ricans drive as though their Drivers Ed class consisted of playing Grand Theft Auto
5. Interesting fact: grocery shopping is more expensive. It's an island -- everything is imported.
6. Good luck finding any Mexican, Greek, Japanese, French or any other ethnic restaurant outside of San Juan. (Although are Chinese restaurants everywhere. Naturally.)
7.  Unless you live in San Juan, you are constantly having to drive to San Juan.
8. No crunching leaves in the fall, no sidewalk cafes, no sidewalks period, no little bookstores, no scarves, no boots, no one appreciating your pop culture references, no variety of music.
9. No one ever ships to Puerto Rico.

Those are just some minor issues that have had me pulling my hair out furious lately. Obviously, there are a multitude of wonderful things about this island (and i have almost 3 years worth of entries on this thing detailing most of them). But right now I need to complain.

Why? Because I just returned from WI, also loosely known as "home". One of many.  And this was the first time I really wasn't excited to be coming back to Puerto Rico. Normally, after a week of being somewhere else, I am itching to get back to PR. I think mostly it has nothing to do with Puerto Rico itself, and more that I am just plain ready for something new. Maybe I should just redecorate or something, until that time comes. Which it IS coming soon, graduating pending, so maybe that is another thing that has me all in a tizzy -- the stresses of finding something new to do with your life! I keep trying to tell myself that finding something new is a FUN and GOOD thing, and to not be so freaked out. But, what can you do. I am okay with looking into the future when I have an overall loose plan of where I will be in 6 months, and accept some changes may arise. But when there is just a big fat question mark sitting there in front of you, it's a different story completely.


citizenofpuertorico said...

Well the library situation which you described above is one of the things that bother me the most about being a scholar or professor in PR (where are the books?). By the way, I think that you are right about the whole "I need a change thing"...if I get tired of being in IN after only 11 months I can only imagine how you must feel being stranded in PR. Just having people who share your culture can be so important, it took me a long time but I've learned that now. You know what I was missing just minutes ago: la playa y unas frituras. You will make it!!!

Jbird said...

hehehe...thanks woman! It def is just a desire for a CHANGE, I think. I did go to the beach yesterday for some meditation and it helped my spirits tremendously :) So I am pressing on w/ a better 'tude

Bex said...

St. Paul is a new place... :)

Chuck said...

I remember being in PR and hearing 4-5 songs on the radio repeated over and over all day long... oh and beside the rain forest SJ is the only place to go...

Jbird said...

the 4-5 songs thing...TRUE! the rainforest and SJ thing...SO, SO FALSE!!!