19 July, 2010

10 Things

So, I was watching 10 Things I Hate About You the other night and I must say, that movie really stands the test of time. I loved it the same as my 17 year old self loved it 10 years ago (yikes! that's a long time ago). I loved seeing all the awesome 90's clothes we all used to wear --- i swear to God I had the exactly same pair of navy silk japansese-esque ivy printed pants that Kat has! Only I don't remember them looking so flattering on me...how strange. Also, I really miss those chunky-strappy-platform sandals that were popular back then, as seen on the singer lady from the oh so 90's band Letters to Chloe. I really hope those come back into style before i'm too old to pull off short, thin sundresses and platform sandals!

My mood was increased significantly the other evening, when this gorgeous sunset appeared:

You can't stay mad long at the Island that is capable of producing this beauty for you.

It is the beginning of the Centro Americano games this weekend, and there was a tornado yesterday in Mayaguez, which was strange because...tornadoes don't really "happen" in the PR. Hurricanes, yes. Tornadoes, not so much...

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Bex said...

My auto has the satellite radio thing, and I actually heard Letters to Cleo on the 90s pop station on Wednesday! LOVE.