23 April, 2010

What A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Oh my. Another month, another post. I really gotta step this up! Geesh. Lazybones. I have been resistant to update because I keep thinking my life has become boring, however, that is simply just not true. Things have just been exciting for me in a different way for a while now, and there ain't nothin' wrong with change.

At any rate, I realized recently that basically all of my friends are gone. Tonight The Highway went to go help some of his friends who are starting a non-profit w/ some graphic design work, and suddenly I was home alone on a Friday night. And god help me the moment I realized it, my little switch was turned on to mingle mode --- Who to call, where to go, what to do?! So maybe ideas began to fill this little brain. The Rincon film festival was this week, and i planned on going tonight with The Hwy, but now he was going to be gone! SO, who the fuck do i call now....??!?!!

I had no one. i could not think of ONE person to call.

Lets be real, KA is my only friend left here in PR, and she is working constantly at night/in her own surfer world by day. My buddies have all left! Oy. When did that happen? Apparently, while this was happening (everyone leaving) I wasn't exactly making any NEW friends. SO, needless to say, as of tonight, I am in the market for new friends. Spread the word.

I also realized tonight I enjoy using cooking things as a method to pass time. I can't say i have always have the motivation to cook on any given day (OBVIOUSLY). But tonight when the Hwy told me he has to meet these people, and i subsequently realized i had no one to call to hang with, I started planning what i should bake tonight. You know, for something to do. That's kinda weird (pathetic), i think. But at the same time, when I was a 6 days/week alcoholic and going out all the time, I always stayed in on Friday nights alone and rented a movie and made homemade pizza and had a bottle of wine (oopps, okay 7 nights/week alcoholic...), so I could have a night to myself. Cooking is a good way to pass time, when you have the time. Anyway, i guess kind of miss that in a way, living alone and knowing you are the only person with a key to your place, and if you lock the door and shut off your phone no one can bother you for the night. Alone time not a bad thing. BUT, it would still be nice to have a friend to call, just in case I get bored...

Not to say i have no friends or people i can rely on. however, at this point in my life, they are all males (The Highway, Cousin P, Moncho), and that is just not the same as having girlfriends!!! EXAMPLe: last week The Hwy got VIP tickets from our boss at BananaDang for the 2 of us PLUS a +1 for us both to see.....GUN N ROSES! and, more significantly, SEBASTIAN BACH!(who opened and who was fucking awesome !!!! really. I'm in love and this time it's for real.) And so, was this experience funny/cool/ridiculous? Naturally. We saw Axel Rose huffing and puffing across stage for over an hour, for Christsake! What wasn't to love? Would i have liked to been able to take another female as my +1 ? ummm YES please.

ALSO, Heather and Nick came to visit recently. I suppose I should show some pics from that? Okay.

Nick SUPER happy w/ his coco drink:

Snorkeling in Cabo Rojo:

Just a good pic of Heather!!! :

at El Faro in Rincon:

Old Man Bar/Mayaguez/Old man discussing the historical relevance of the nudie pics to Nick:

Pool Bar Hopping:

A Rincon Sunset!

Nick on shark watch:

...And that's my story folks.


Bex said...

I see a few things in this post that I love: coconut drinks, nudie pics/old man bar, SUNSETS, BEACHES, and you smiling. :D You could have told me about the GNR concert...I could totally have figured out a way to get down there. I mean, SEBASTIAN BACH! *swoon*

citizenofpuertorico said...

Im here now!! A female who loves to do anything.

Casey said...

So, ah, are there any English language newspapers there? Because I'm thinking that maybe I should just move there since I'm too broke to take a vacation to come visit. Also, I don't know if my sanity will hold out through another New England winter.

Mariel Torres said...

i was born and raised in Mayaguez and i remember going to that beach (and all its surrounding places) almost every weekend... loved it!

pseudoboricua said...

yay! i LOVE the beaches in Cabo R and Boqueron!!!