20 July, 2010

Off to a questionable start

So, I think we're all friends here and I can admit that my life bounces on a metaphorical trampoline between total drunk and a zen-like disciplined existence. More so the drunk part though. It's cool. I'm not worried about it. There have been worse, I'm sure.

I've come to a few conclusions lately: 1.) martini's are awesome and 2.) living in poverty SUCKS!
Okay, so I don't "live in poverty", but i DO have to buy the cheap vodka for my martini's and filter it a minimum of 8 times in my Brita filter before I dare use it (that totally works, btw). And that's pretty sad, in my opinion. Yes, hilarious. Also very sad when you are the poor soul who needs to deal with all that filtering. :(

I swore up and down that today i absolutely and positively NEEDED TO email my motherfucking CHAPTER 2 DRAFT to my advisor by TONIGHT. Absolutely. And. Positively. Right after this martini. And this episode of Glee is done. Because it's just such an inspiring show. YOu know, inspires me to write. Not to grab a hairbrush, a flask, my Journey's Greatest Hits CD and find the nearest karaoke bar. Not at all. Shit.

On a related note, how much fun is it to have the house to yourself for a night??!??! Seriously! I love living alone! I've said it once and i'll say it again: the only time i am reminded of the joys of having a man living with me is the 5 minutes before bed and the 5 minutes after i wake up. It's just the way it is.I don't miss the extra dirty dishes and the sounds of an Xbox creeping through the door when I'm trying to work. Because clearly I work a lot, and have very important things to say. Just not today, as it turns out.

In most important news: in this episode of Glee, Will TURNS DOWN a beer HIS WIFE BROUGHT TO HIM because he "wants to finish grading these papers first". HA! Everyone knows teachers don't grade papers sober!!!! Nice try though, Glee writers. I'm just going to pretend you added that line so all the viewers out there who are teachers could get a good laugh. Don't drink while you grade papers??!?! UNheard of!! Hire a new fact checker. I will volunteer my services. You know where to contact me.


Bex said...

I don't get it - why do you need a hairbrush to go to the karaoke bar and belt out "Somebody to Love"?

Two things strike me about this little posting. 1) BRILLIANT WITH THE VODKA FILTERING SYSTEM! I bet it's hard to breathe when you're pouring it though. 2) You're way behind on Glee. Paper schmaper. Finish out the first season already! :)

Jbird said...

Rebekah: as you know, any legendary karaoke session begins first w/ a practice run in front of a mirror while passionately gripping a hairbrush

Bex said...

Ooo, valid. Because you really can't know how awesome you look nailing the song without the dry run.

I heart karaoke...