30 July, 2010

Man with a Machete

I think there comes a time in ones life where you have to admit you just can't throw booze down the 'ol hatch like you used it. Considering it is 5:17PM, I'm still in my pajamas, and I swear to you I have never felt so horrible in all my life -- my time may be hovering very near. Yeesh.

Another factor could have been the fact that KA and I have gotten into a bad habit lately of going out for sushi and (several) drinks. Sushi is just not a good base on which to build a night of drinking heavily. The night was progressing pretty well, until we decided to go to Villa Cofresi and "split a coco" (yeah right). The coco drink is a cocktail of every rum known to man mixed into a coconut that the bartender has just macheted the top off of and topped with cinnamon and coconut water. They are rather large and rather potent. The best part about them is you get the coco filled with rum, AND they give you a glass with more on the side. It's kinda like 2 for 1. Except 2 is really never needed. So, we get to Villa Cof, and what do you know, KA knows the bartender! I swear to god this woman knows 95% of this island. We could be hiking in the mountains in the middle of the island and we would probably run into someone she knows. ANYHOO, it's always a plus when you know the bartender, except when you really don't need an extra super strongly mixed drink. Much less a coconut filled with it. Much less TWO of them. *sigh*  My memory of the night fades at this point. BUT, it was a really fun night and a great way to remember the 6 month anniversary of Will's death. Yeah, we poured one out for him.

So, let's talk yoga: it's awesome. Has it made me feel stronger and more limber physically? Sure. It has certainly made me realize my hamstrings haven't been stretched in about 13 years (Jr. High V-sit and reach). I was doing this Hamunanasana number today when I felt and HEARD my hip pop back into place (and then almost passed out). It was nasty, but no worse than having the chiro shove it back in. And it was free! More importantly, has it made me mentally stronger? Ohmygod YES. I don't know exactly what it does, but it does something. This week, despite not *actually* wanting to write any of my thesis, I woke up early in the AM and was motivated to work on it, and most importantly, HAD A CLEAR HEAD. I was a ray of sunshine and a cloud of calm. Even when something completely AWFUL happened this week, which I hope I am able to look back on sometime soon and write a funny little vignette about (it involves porn), I remained calm and again, more importantly, confident.

Otherwise, life has been pretty chill --- working at the coffee shop and writing the thesis. I found out YESTERDAY that "the chancellor" has "approved" TA's to finish the end of the Spring semester when it starts on Monday. Geee, thanks...and thanks for the fucking 3 day heads up on that. I think it's bullshit that they are finishing the semester 3 MONTHS after classes were halted because of the strike. Not like they had many other options, but I mean, what if you had like Chemistry or Calculus or some shit??? And you've had 3 months to forget it all, and now you have to go back to school so you can take the FINAL. Ummm....yeah. I wouldn't have passed calculus in the first place, and if you gave me 3 months to pretend it never happened...yikes. I would be so screwed.

So that is that. Hugs and rum shots!


Bex said...

Yay for yoga!!! Sounds like it's something I need to start doing. Both you and T can't be wrong, right? I like the idea of being clear-headed just once and a while, and if yoga will help, bring it on!

Also, yay for cocos. Can we bring KA with next time I come down, so I can have some Blackout Bex time? :)

Jennifer said...

Ahh I miss the Coco Loco in Mexico, sounds similar! I agree, I should try yoga out too. Now if they would just open the gym up here so I could :-)