11 November, 2009

We Are Golden!


WOW, what a week. So, keeping in tradition with the cherished holiday that is Halloween and my birthday, again this year was something kind of wonderful. And drunken. Of course drunken.

The festivities began Thursday on a scorching hot Puerto Rican autumn eve. I must say, Halloween has started to become more and more of a hassle every friggin' year. I no longer have any excitement towards it whatsoever. Also, Z is gone and KA is working all the time, so who am I supposed to go out with? SO anyway, it should come as no surprise then that I had no costume this year. I am also coming to the realization that I really hate holidays that pressure me to go out. Halloween, New Year's...the days that "everyone" is going out, and it would be embarrassing to say you stayed home that night. The pressure to go out, makes me not want to go out.

Anyway, I did go out. on Thursday AND Friday. Both in different costumes. The HWY told me Thursday afternoon he has some friends going as a swarm of bees and that we should join the swarm. Easy enough! So, after my class that night we buzzed around town, which was super duper crowded. (OH, also --- i'm learning i kinda hate crowds. But anyway.) We walked and drank all night and I never even got a buzz. LAME! Drinking + Walking a million miles = No Buzz. Make a note of that.

Friday my friend Lindsey from Denver came to visit with one of her friends, Beth. They didn't have any costumes. WELL, thankfully 'ol Jessica has an extensive collection of animal print in her wardrobe. Zebra print dress + black zebra stripes on face = zebra (me). Leopard dress + black leopard spots on face = cheetah (Beth). safari boots + Black electrical tape + rope = animal tamer boots and whip (lindsey). FULL SUCCESS!

Monday: B-DAY. It was good, and the highlight was when my student said, "Happy Birthday. Can I ask how much?" Um...I'm not for sale. Clearly their English teacher has some work to do still...
Birthday night was super, though the details are hazy. But I do remember it was fun, so that is good.

SATURDAY was the "go big" night the ended in a humongous bar tab and some drunken skinny dipping and the drunken munchie session of gobbling down 2 pieces of pie I don't remember eating (and not bothering to offer anyone else any munchies. Worst friend ever!). All in good fun. OH -- btw -- i say "skinny dipping", but I later found out I was the only one naked. OPPS! I though it was a party, people! Let's get naked!

Anyway, today I shared some Mika tracks with Chellber. A little Friday Fun emailing, you know. She agrees he is Freddie Mercury reincarnated, which makes him Christ resurrected, basically. Hey, if it makes me move then i can't deny my love for it.

Today I was taking a break from my office, because my thesis introduction is due in....25 minutes, and I need finish writing it. So that's what i've been doing this morning. You know, besides passionately professing my new and undying love for the artist known as Mika ("I'm in love and this time it's for real!") via "the web", and drinking cup after large cup of coffee. SO, I was walking to the cafeteria to get another cup 'o joe (40 cents, btw!!!!) and i was walking as slow as possible and imaging the sunlight was giving me energy, solar-power style. AND, I think it totally worked! Now i'm back in the office cave and have to finish the intro, so...BYE!

p.s. pics later



Bex said...

That is seriously one of the most manic entries you've had...I like it when you drink cup after large cup 'o joe, and forget to add your PPS. :)

Mika <3

Jbird said...

whoops! ha! no pps :(