21 November, 2009

The Re-Discovery Channel: Happy Burger

Gosh. What is new? Well, tonight I'm making gluwein, which is like this spiced wine. I had some spices leftover from Hamburg, and I just can't WAIT until after T-giving , to bust out the holiday drinks >:D I decided i am going to host a Fantastic Holiday Film night every week, starting the weekend after turkey day (so next weekend...). And we have to drink "holiday" drinks, too. Yay! I hope this actually happens, cuz that would be fun. If people are lame and don't agree with me, then I will have a fantastic holiday film night alone, I ain't scared.

The horrible economy has finally hit (really hit) Puerto Rico in these past few month. People are losing their jobs like crazy (and then striking about it...but that's another story). Times are tough all around in PR. I mean, they have been reduced to putting Medalla on sale a 6-pack for $5 lately at the grocery store ( i kid, i kid...that has been awesome btw). It makes me nervous, because I don't know how longer I can go on exploiting the system here in PR (meaning getting paid to go to grad school). Damn! I'm going to have to start really, actually planning my next move. Where can I go next and find something to do? :(

Suggestions welcome.

I'm home on a Saturday night against my will because A.) i have limited funds and B.) i need to work on my thesis. and C.) i have to grade students papers. I'm not going to lie, i'm a little burned out on teaching right now. The fact is, I'm getting burned out period. Teaching, class, writing thesis, working at the coffee shop...The worst part is, all this working and I STILL don't have any money. It's kinda fucked up. BUT, at least I'm not sitting at a desk from 8am - 5pm every fucking day. I say that because I have lived that, and it just wasn't for me. I wanted to kill myself, actually. So here we are --- grad school. Weeeee! It sounds funny, but I sometimes feel like i didn't know anything until I started grad school. Meaning, I feel like I could have and hold and conversation with someone about anything now. Even if I don't know exactly what they are talking about, I know something about what they are talking about. Jack of all trades, master of none. Woot woot!

I don't know if I have mentioned this, but I have been really getting into podcasts. I want to start one about hole-in-the-wall delicious food places in PR. Wednesday night was a culinary and imbibing extravaganza! KA and I went to Aguada to this place on the beach for happy hour. There were like 5 people there only, and beers were 75 cents! 75 cents! With ocean view seating. After drinking and chatting away for an hour or so, The Hwy met up with us and we decided it's nibble time! The place (I can't remember the name of, and after searching the web for an hour unsuccessfully, I am going to jsut have to ask K when i can), has THE BEST pizza empanadillas OF ALL TIME! I have been dreaming about them ever since (and I ate 2 that night). They are made to order, and we ended up ordering 1 of each, and then an extra pizza one because it was so fucking good! It was probably double the size of the other empanadillas, and stuffed full of melty queso. STUFFED, i tell you!

After gorging on the fried stuff, we went to K's ex-bf's (but still kinda bf) parent's beach house right down the road. The place was friggin sweet, and we played dominoes until whatever hour. I only won 1 game :( My domino skills have plummeted severely after not playing for several months, apparently. Not cool. Eventually, The Hwy and myself decided it was time to head home, and so we went. As we are turning the curve on 413, maybe 2 miles from home, I spot it. A neon light that I have been waiting for probably a year to appear. It glows red and bright, like the north star (except red) leading us home: Happy Burger.

Happy Burger was one of those places I went one drunken night and couldn't for the life of me ever really find it again. The only thing I had to remind me of it's existence was a vivid memory of the best taco i'd ever eaten. I know what you're thinking: a taco? at a place called Happy Burger? In Puerto Rico? Yes, that's right. It is attached to this creepy, creepy bar that I've never seen more than 2 people in (including the bartender). And they have the shittiest jukebox ever. I quote again Jaybo: "they don't even have anything ironic I can play." Attached to this dump is Happy Burger, and it's freakin' delish. When I saw the sign, I said "STOP THE CAR! THIS IS IT!" and The Hwy pulled into the gravel parking lot of the bar, kinda confused. I rushed to the counter of Happy Burger and accepted a menu, even though i knew what i wanted. I WANTED THOSE TACOS. We ordered, and went into skeezy bar to drink and play a game of pool and wait for heaven to hit our mouths. When it was ready, my drunken memory was confirmed (by another drunken memory), this was indeed as good as i remembered. The tortillas are warmed up on the grill so they are all somewhat crispy, but still soft shell. YUM. They have this awesome homemade green pepper sauce that you can put on top, which is equally YUM. Another one of my favorite parts: The price of tacos goes up from $2 to $2.50 after 8PM, clearly working the drunk crowd. But when it's 1am and the lady at Happy Burger will come into the bar where you are playing pool to tell you that your food is ready, 50 cents seems like such a small, small price to pay.

By the way, I was recently asked the follow-up question as to if our cat Kitten ever got toilet-trained (so he would pee on the toilet and not in a litter box). The answer to that is NO. Kitten the cat is still forcing me to purchase litter for his box. To be fair, I kinda gave up on the mission about 1/2 way through. So it's not just that the cat is a retard. It's that I'm lazy, too.

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