05 August, 2009

The Round-Up

Living with someone is extremely hard and extremely easy, but never at the same time or on the same day. How, you are asking yourself, is this girl living with someone when only 5 short (really short) months ago she was talking about booty calls and broken hearts? Well, if you must now, I'm still trying to figure it all out myself. If someone would have told me 2 years ago when my plane landed on this steaming rock that I would be living with someone before I left, I would have bet you a lifetime supply of Medalla that it wouldn't happen. Quite frankly, I never thought I would live with anyone. Ever. Certainly not someone I wasn't legally bound to, and even in that scenario I wouldn't have been opposed to seperate living quarters, should it have been presentd as an option (as long as they came over for bedtime -- I've said it once and I'll say it again: only real reason having a s/o is preferable over not having one is the 5 minutes before bed and the 5 minutes after you wake up.) I digress.

I just moved into a new place. With a boy. Since then, however, I have come to strongly believe in the HIMYM Robin and Ted "the easiest roommate is the one you have sex with" notion. Valid.

AND THE PLACE IS AWESOME! How can I tell it was a great choice? We moved in yesterday, and there was a single beer in the fridge, and I found TWO bottles Dewer's stashed away in cupboards while I was cleaning. And a 1/2 bottle of wine, but i tossed it out :/ Little too risky....

As I write this, I am listening to the waves of the Caribbean. IT IS SO CLOSE TO THE BEACH!!!!!!!!! Like....20 feet? Approximately. Yes, there is an extra bedroom should anyone need a Puerto Rican escape. It is in Rincon, so this means no more Mayaguez! Not that it was a bad place to live. But... Rincon is better :) Let's be honest. It's a beach town, which means the beach is like THERE everywhere you turn. V. convenient. And it's an old man who owns the place, and I'm kinda like a magnet to old men. My charms have gotten me so far already that I told him I work at the university, and don't start until later in the month....and he is letting me pay him later. Old men rule!

Also, I really like the neighborhood because it is kinda like the Puerto Rican neighborhood of Rincon. Rincon can become a little over populated with surfers and tourists at times. My friend told me the neighborhood has pig roasts on the beach every weekend or so, which would be GREAT (free food). You know, since I like have no money left until school starts. Turns out working at a coffee place isn't exactly a profitable occupation, but really I was just happy to find a job ANYWHERE. I was getting paid 4.75/hour which is the lowest I've ever been paid in my ENTIRE life (probably including babysitting when I was 11). But the up side is that 4.75/ hr was enough to live on for the summer in PR (not including rent), and I even brought back a few grocery store games from my undergrad years. Game 1: You can't buy anything over $1 Game 2: You have see how many items you can buy for under $20 (or $10 if you're super poor). I call it Extreme Shopping. HOWEVER, I can say with full confidence I am ready to start school and teaching again and not be poor anymore. Poverty is exciting for a while....then it gets really annoying.

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Bex said...

LOVE game #2!!!! That was pretty much how I spent the college years. :)
I'm glad you live in the PRcan neighborhood, rather than the Gringo Ex-Pat neighborhood. No better way to immerse one's self in a culture than that!