24 August, 2009

Kittens and Books

Hello hello! Long time no talky. Well, a variety of "things" (not exciting enough to call "events") have happened, like school started and so I am back to work. Teaching the kiddies ingles. Such a joy. Seriously though, this semester I am teaching a different class at least, which is a refreshing change, and it's more literature based, which basically means more opportunity for me in the classroom to stand up and listen to myself talk for 45 minutes about dead authors and the metaphors for death which they wrote about. Because God knows the students probably aren't catching much. Ah well. I show a lot of videos, now that the classrooms have...PROJECTORS. Puerto Rico, home of technological innovation and practice, folks.

I was supposed to go home in August, which didn't happen because I was broke, and still am. I did talk to my sister Audrey last night though, and she is GOING INTO 7TH GRADE THIS FALL. Umm...what??!?! When did this happen? Where was I? (Boston, Florida, Europe, Minneapolis, PR....) And how do I make it stop? Seriously. It ain't right. I remember the day she was born, I remember the instant I heard about her birth, I remember seeing her in the hospital for the first time. AUDREY IS MY CHILD dammit, and I do not accept she is practically a teenager now! Mostly I think because that really ages me...I was in 8th grade when she was born. Time to face the facts, Jessica. Time to let the caged bird fly. Your younger siblings aren't that young anymore. You can't keep giving them over sized stuffed animals you got from Wal-mart on clearance and barrettes for Christmas anymore (damn!)

The point was this: she told me she was going to be working at this dog training place possibly. Audrey has a bit of the hippie spirit in her, and she also is an animal lover. This makes me a touch nervous about her future. Often times, animal lovers tend to lead lives similar to those in academia; you end up old and alone (but hopefully with a kick ass beach house...i'm not saying, i'm just saying) and end up feeding squirrels from your back yard bar (i.e.your picnic table) on Friday nights because you've spend the better portion of your life devoting your time to things that you love, such as books or malnourished kittens, and, since these things can't actually say anything, you feel safe assuming these objects which have become innate to you love you back.

This, of course, is false. Which is why it's only when I've lived with a man I've allowed myself to have a cat. Which we are trying to train to go on the toilet at the moment ---we are mid-way in the process at this point. It's been going fairly well, though there was a discrepancy last night when he crapped on my scarf that I left in the bathroom. I really hope he stops being a retard and figures this out. I seriously CAN"T STAND litter boxes. They smell fucking disgusting.

That about sums it up. Again, I will advertise the extra bedroom available in my new apartment -- which is FEET from the beach. You can fall asleep to the ocean, should that be of interest to you -- which I think it SHOULD, since it's fantastic. The season rate for a vacation stay at Casa de Jessica is a 24 pack of Medalla (to be shared) and a bag of Burnett Dairy string whips, if you are coming from Wisconson. If not, I also accept Top the Tater and Leinenkugal's Honey Weiss, Sunset Wheat, Fireside Nut Brown, or 1888 Bock as bartering gifts :D Miller Lite and High Life also eagerly accepted.

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