28 July, 2009

Pictures fromThe Great Pincho Adventure (see previous post)

Here are a select few of the million or so pics from when my brother was visiting.

At Villa Cofresi drinking rum from coconuts:

The sunset at Calypso:

The beer cans wait while we go skinny dipping:

(this was a pre-skinny dip pic...yes indeed that is a shot of 151 *gag*burn*gag again*....)

mixing some beverages from the comfort of my lounge chair:

NOW....the moment you all have been waiting for....a PICTURE OF OLD BLUE (aka "Lucky", because dammit if that isn't exactly how i feel everytime it actually turns on) !!!!

....ain't she a beaut? Nick playing in the water

Nick picking oranges from the tree from the local kids and denting my hood :

At Tamboo:
Casa Vieja:

THE KITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks a little angry here, but i think he's just high:

One for the grandkids:

The three amigos:

The two amigos with a new third amigo:

At playa Buye:

THERE YOU HAVE IT. All of these are horribly out of order, but I think it captures the essence of the trip better that way.


Bex said...

VILLA COFRESI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE the car. :)
And adore the kitten.

Bex said...

Oh, and the HAIR! Love that too. :)
I'm so jealous that you live in paradis. *sigh*