01 April, 2009

When People Surprise You, Sometimes You're Surprised That You Can Still be Surprised.

The class I taught today KICKED ASS and I am on cloud 9 right now! Sometimes I am at the end of my rope with things, such as teaching young adults things they just aren't interested in learning (like English), and then those little bastards do something that makes me feel like I maybe haven't been beating a dead horses all this time! Hoorah!!!

We did improv acting in class today, and I gave them little "prompts" like : "two siblings fall in love with the same person at a wedding" and "a father takes his daughter shopping for her first bra" and they have to act them out in groups. SO HiLARIOUSSS and creative!!! And, I give them a thousand and one props for speaking another language in front of a classroom of people, of course.


I feel like I've accomplished something!


Bex said...

"a father takes his daughter shopping for HIS first bra"????

I bet that was funny!

Jbird said...

ohhh you little *#@#...!!! wanna be my editor?