02 April, 2009

I Love Dominoes.

When I got out of the Medical Services building today at 1pm, AFTER BEING THERE SINCE 7:45AM, I wandered over to Chardon (which is the English Dept. building). I see a co-worker in the lobby, and asked him how the meeting was I missed this morning when I was waiting for 5 hours in servico medico to get a fucking pap smear and some birth control.

As I guessed, I missed nothing at the meeting, and sat down to chat for a bit. Before I know it, the dominoes had come out and I was playing with 3 seasoned Puerto Ricans. Playing dominoes with real players is extremely intimidating. I played on Tuesday at Garabato's, and this one dude playing could guess what I had in my hand before the last round. Kinda takes the excitement out of the game, if you ask me.....but anyway. Regardless, I was kicking ass on Tuesday, and today was no exception! Sure, it could have been luck, but I do play with somewhat of a strategy! And I would like to think it's an effective one, and that's why my game has improved :D

Anyway, so as I sit playing, they decide now is as good time as any to give a quick espanol lesson to the little gringa. Up today: carajo, pendeja, what garabato really means ("scribble" or this machete like tool use to pull sugarcane),and words in spanish where it's possible to use "fuck" as an infix (por fa-fucking-vor! ben-fucking-dito!)

It was a joyful experience. When will I be able to hangout playing dominoes on a Thursday afternoon in the sun? It was a moment where you realize that, actually, your life is awesome and you should never complain about anything ever again, because that would make your an ungrateful bitch.

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