31 March, 2009

"Tanto nadar para morir en la orilla".

Here we are again! Still alive and kicking it, Jessica style.

So, he other day I had to go get birth control in Puerto Rico... a process that lasted 3.5 HOURS, involved roughly 20 pages of paperwork, and a "conference" in espanol about STDs as well as a 20 minute 1 on 1 interrogation from a nurse -- and I STILL came out empty handed! Well, that's not completely true - they did give me about 800 condoms and a million brochures i'll never read. AND, I have to go back tomorrow for MORE testing and questioning! AND, the best part is that my "appointment" tmorrow is between 8AM and 10AM. That doesn't mean i can choose whatever time i come. It means I should get there at 7:30AM and at some point between 8 and 10 I will be seen. So...looking forward to that! Definitely bringing a book.

UPDATE on 4/2: It's 10:23 AND I AM STILL WAITING!!!!!!!!! Been here since 7:45AM.


Bex said...

I bet that's why there's so many young people with babies in PR - because, by the time they can get it, they're already preganant!!!

PS - don't do that.

Zaira said...

Pregnancy prevention and sex ed. is SO crappy in Puerto Rico. Just try to find an abortion clinic or get a morning pill...SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

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