27 March, 2009

Mental Drano!

I am starting to remember why I have enjoyed being (technically) single for the better part of the last 4 years --- because i don't enjoy being used as a mental Drano! Holy-fucking-shit! I don't want to say I've enjoyed being single because "i don't have to care about anyone but myself" -- that's just not completely true. I am a caring person (or I try to be) HOWEVER, i haven't missed being mind fucked three ways to the weekend on a regular basis just because someone else is in crisis meltdown mode and therefore i am somehow involved in some obscure way just because i like the person. Um, WHAT?! Now I need a Drano outlet. I would like to get off this train now, please. Next stop: Normalville! Maybe a quick stop at Rationalization Ave., where i can stock up wine and perhaps a dime bag to help me make it the rest of the long (very long...) trip.

So, I'm all like "hey, perhaps you should fill me in on what's happening here" and he's like "oh but i am so bad communication"....because if there's something every girl loves to hear, it's that she is hard to talk to. Or not. I like my questions answered like I like my coffee: Black or White. Wait, what...? Well, you know what i mean. It is unacceptable to answer a question or request for information with a poorly formed and transparent excuse.

Everything is so ridiculous. I kind of feel like Dante at the end of the The Divine Comedy, and just want to laugh at how fucking stupid all this is, and stand back in amazement at how much time and effort was wasted trying to make sense of it all. Or like that dude in The Watchmen who is crying on that other dudes bed and all like "but what was this all for? i'm so confused and sad, even though my alias is The Comedian. wa wa waaaa". Basically what i'm saying is The Watchmen was a huge rip off of The Divine Comedy.

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