24 March, 2009


Here are some pics from Culebra weekend! So fantastically relaxing, though I ruined some of it by thinking too much. Stupid brain always moving! For being as cunning and mysterious as I am (okay, not really at all), I'm a bit disappointed in myself for being played so easily. For shame, Jessica. For shame!

So, here's Culebra in a nutshell:

Deb, aka Gringa 2, aka G2, tells me that we should totally go to Culebra because her brother lives there and we can totally stay with him. Um, ok! Sure, sounds like a plan. When should we go? THIS WEEKEND? Well alrighty then! No time like the present. And since I’m so responsible and am a teacher who truly values the education she is bestowing upon young minds, I cancel my class on Friday. OH, and I also skip working in the Writing Center. Lesson for the day, kids: The world doesn’t fall apart if you take a few days off, so you should consider doing it more often. Also, become a university teacher, because then you can totally pull this shit all the time.

Wednesday night we have a salon night in G2’s apt. and I cut her hair and she highlights mine. We had only smoked about 2 joints, so it was totally a great idea to get out scissors and permanent hair dye to make some irreversible changes to our appearance . Right. Luckily, it was a FULL SUCCESS. No shaved heads, or flaming red highlights. We also make half-hearted promises to shut off our phones and not text or call any men in our lives for the weekend, which I think we were both moderately successful at accomplishing.

We get to Ciebo, and take possibly the tiniest plane in existence on a fluttering flight across the Caribbean to Culebra. We land, and go to her bro’s house, whom by the way LIVES IN A TREEHOUSE. Uh, AWESOME. His kitchen is outside. The following days included laying on the beach, smoking on the beach, drinking on the beach, drinking outside, dancing, rumba, drinking and dancing, sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping. And writing. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like the only time they really know exactly what they want in life comes when they are drunk…? Drunken clarity, babes! I'm a believer.

View from the plane:

Deb's bro Cuso jammin'

Cuso's house where we stayed!!! A large treehouse!
View from the side:

Bridge at sunset

Boxed wine on the beach


Old tank on the beach
Too cute!

YES, i took this, i thank you! I saw this idealistic scene in real life.

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Bex said...

OKAY, SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!
When I come back, we're going. JEALOUS.