13 February, 2009

The Maybes.

I woke up today at 5:30 AM because of a booty call. This, of course, is a completely inappropriate time to be giving someone a booty call. 4 AM should be the cut off, I mentioned to him. But, then, he did point out I called him at 7:30 AM once...valid.

Men are so transparent, until you actually like one of them. It's so stupid and annoying.

When you get a call at 5:30AM, you know what to expect. Which, essentially, is nothing. I mean, they aren't going to come over for a cup of tea and a chat. And this is refreshing because you don't waste any time wondering "hmmmm do they like me? should i wait to sleep with them? where is this going? what am i getting myself into?" etc etc... You know these answers right off the bat. Where am I going? I'm going to the bedroom. What am I getting myself into? I'm getting myself into bed. Should I wait to sleep with them? Sure, maybe another minute or two of foreplay would be nice. Do they like me? Non-applicatable question in this situation.

It's just so easy that way.

But then there are those you just can't bring yourself to seduce, because you think *maybe* there is something slightly more here. Maybe this person will never call me at 5:30AM because maybe they will already be sleeping next to me. Maybe I would like them to hang around for more than a night. Maybe this one isn't a total jackass. And you go through about 8 gazillion maybes trying to figure the whole blah damn thing out, that pretty soon you just start wishing that the maybe guy would just fucking call you at 5:30AM, because then at least you would know where in gods name this whole thing is headed, and it would make turning down 5:30AM calls from other non-maybe guys so.much.easier!!!!


Zaira said...

Well think about it this way, I cannot recall the last time I had a booty call. Still, I sleep alone most of my nights. Though I must admit I know he is not a maybe guy. Write, write, let it all out. Drink and ponder answers will come eventually.

Jbird said...

that's why i love ya and were friends, Z --- "drink, ponder, and write" jejejeje....la misma mierda ;)