11 February, 2009

The World Through a Yellow Tinted Cup 'o Medalla.

"It really IS odd how things come into a point of clarity when you are drunk. I think it’s all about the releasing of inhibitions. We do things that we want to, when we’re drunk. You’ll get the classic Catholic guilt over some of them in the morning, but for a brief, shining moment—you did what you wanted, said what you wanted, and be damned to anyone else." - Rebekah M.C.-P.

I've been having sputs of mental clarity when I've been drunk lately. I can't say that's ever really happened to me before. Normally it's quite the opposite. I mean, sure I have AWESOME ideas when I'm drunk, but they usually lean more towards the "you know what would be
totally awesome right now..." ideas that involve either Taco Bell, getting naked, or trying to craft a bong out of various fruits. Not so much the ones that help me figure my own life out. I was telling Bekah about it, and she just emailed me the above reflection, and I almost wanted to weep. ALSO, I had a heart to heart with a stray cat that was in the stairwell of my apartment when I got home...I think that means I'm totally insane :/

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