04 November, 2008

A Preview

.........of the last 5 days.

Some hightlights:

- 24 Medallas on the beach
- rum in a coconut
- hotel pool hopping
- stumbling into a PRican bday party being held at the bar -- on MY bday
- the bday was also the bar OWNERS
- the free food and drinks that ensued
- playing pin the tail on the donkey with the most adorable PRican kid ever --- "bajo, bajo! PERFECT!"
- making a spectacle of myself by being the dancing gringa
- the fact that mi prima Angela was there to take part in all of it!!!!

` Dead? Let me see....
Oh...? These aren't free? >:)
Ang turning Puerto Rican (Medalla + beach)

"BAJO BAJO! Perrrrfect!"

Cutest child ever invented

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