19 October, 2008

Proud Moments/Google I Own You: UPDATE

Because the people I know are truly the creme de la creme and like to spend their work days going more productive things than actual "work", I had the opportunity to break an internet record. See below:

UPDATE: here is the official letter from Google (sent to F.Z. from NYC who made the whole thing possible) acknowledging the accomplishment, Largest GChat in history, i thank you very much. Click on it for a big image.
And who says it's been nearly 26 years of little significant accomplishment??!?! HA! Now THIS is something for the resume!


Rebekah said...

And the record was...?

Jbird said...

a record breaking 34 people in a GMAIL chat room at the same time.

Rebekah said...

Wooo! Atta girl. Too bad the Internet Nazis have blocked Gmail chat. I would have liked to participate in that one... :)