18 October, 2008

Jose Cuervo is not a Friend of Mine.

I had a social gathering last night!!!! I'm house sitting a rather lovely place this week, and needed to take full advantage. A very lovely time will all my faves. Will write more later about that but must go to the beach now.


So, let it be known that as of Friday, Oct. 17 2008 I will no longer be drinking tequlia (except maybe sometimes). Jose Cuervo, you are not a friend of mine.

To start the night, I got lost in Miraderos because my phone died as Zaira was giving me directions. But after 30 minutes of driving around, I somehow magically found her house. I don't know how I did it, honestly. BUt anyway, it was a good thing since we were going to cook some dinner since the house I'm a watching this past week has a kitchen that is bigger than my entire apartment practically. So, we stopped at Econo (the supermarket) for beverages (Medalla was on sale :)

Long story short: People came, people drank, and when I passed out at 4:30AM people were still doing both. KA and I had a mini dance party in the living room. I shotgunned a Red Bull with JC and fell asleep 30 minutes later. The food was eaten. The fridge was full of Medalla at the beginning of the night, at the next morning there were 4. Jose C. = gone. The million wine bottles = gone and 1 champagne bottle (which i remember opening but don't remember drinking but obvsly must have) = gone.

I love parties :)

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