08 September, 2008

Still Don't Have a Cat.

Did I mention that before? Well, this cat thing never panned out, so I am cat-free still. Happily cat free. Happy that I haven't made myself a stereotype by getting a cat. Happy I don't have to clean cat crap every day. Happy I can still leave my black clothes lying around without fear of getting hair all over them.

I have done a lot things in order to procrastinate, but blogging has been one of my faves.

So, what is new with me, you ask? Why thank you for asking. You are too kind, really.

A lot of school work. I am a depressing shade of white, because beach time has been scarce. Very scarce, almost to the point of non-existance, but I did go last weekend. I actually skipped a class tonight, because I had/have to write a paper. Perhaps if I had not been such a sloth this weekend, I would have not have to resort to such extreme measures, but alas. I've noticed I don't do any domestic things during the weekend, only work related to school, and on the weekends I don't do anything for school, but deal with domestic chores like...cleaning, buying trash bags, food, etc etc etc. Yet every Friday, I go into a state of denial and convince myself that "this weekend I will ___ for school." Yeah. Never happens. But I keep trying. I also have to grade 60 essays for next week, which I am not looking forward to (but am looking forward to the 2 bottles of wine that will pull me through the process of it). Grading is the worst part about teaching.

I am been watching Weeds intensely the past few weeks -- you know, when i should have been writing this paper that i still have not written. I am on season 4 as we speak. Hilarious show, and the dude who plays Uncle Andy is so fucking funny. He gets funnier as the seasons progress. Actually Season 2 was kind of slow...but 3 and 4 have been excellent. I have no complaints, except that I have been streaming them online, which is really a pain in the ass. But also free...

Men? Who needs them, except for a couple night a week. I think I give up, at least temporarily. I would like to not think I am incapable of loving and being loved, but all signs are pointing in that direction. I feel a little bit Margo Channing-ish. Except i'm only 25, and was never a theatre star.... But, otherwise, exactly like the Margo syndrome.

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