16 September, 2008

Food. Whine. More Wine.

Let us blog, shall we? I got a blogging request, motherfuckers! That means someone wants to hear me ramble on (and on...and on...) about drunken debacles and cultural obscurities. HA! Chellber, this is for you. I listen to "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" as I write.

Well, I continually shock myself with my culinary abilities. I made a spur of the moment rustic pizza tonight, and it's so damn delicious, I had to bust out the wine for it. What can I say?? I always find a reason to celebrate :D I would like to say that I only drink on the weekends, but that would mean I could only drink 2 of 7 days of the week, and I just don't find that acceptable.

I've read 2 entire books this weekend dealing with food, so I *guess* you could say I was inspired. First up: Anthony Bourdain "Kitchen Confidential". Dude is fucking hilarious. I'm a fan of "conversational" writers...people who write like you are talking to them. I'm a product of the internet age, what can I say. Some of the most brilliant things I 've seen written or have written myself in the past couple years have been via email or messanger. Anyway, back to my friend Tony : I spent many a hour watching his show on the Travel channel this summer (No Reservations), while working the day shift at the bar. This was before I moved to the night shift a couple of days later, you know, since everyone else that worked there was also an alcoholic (just a touch more than me) and was willing to give up weekend nights to be on the other side of the bar. Or, I could just hide it better...who knows. Either way. I approved of his travel show, particularly the jabs he took at Rachel Ray. Some good times we had in the late mornings of a Wisconsin June... myself, Tony, and Gail the alcoholic who lived across the street from the bar. *sigh* Almost brings a tear to my eye. Until I remembered how much making $1.50 tips/8 hour shift sucked....then, I remember times weren't so good. Thank God for weekends.

Don't know where I was going with that.... but....

The other book I read was Under the Tuscan Sun. Yeah yeah....I know what you are thinking. And to be honest, I had to swallow a little pride before I allowed myself to read it too. I saw the movie once (Orlando, 2003. Forced situation; didn't pick it out myself) and don't remember much. Oddly, what little I do remember involves a lady crying in the kitchen with some other ladies around her. Er, I think she was getting a divorce....? Might have to Blockbuster it.....

Regardless, the BOOK is very bourgeois ("bourgeoisie", if you will) and straight up boring at parts. However, the details regarding food are great. I want to have the time, money, and available resources to cook what they are cooking. Honestly, the thing that is annoying to me about it is that....well, there is no struggle, I guess...."Oh, we are remodeling/restoring this ancient Tuscan villa we bought...la la la life is so hard because our Sicilian contractor is ripping us off..." WELL WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT??? Je-sus. Sometimes I just have to put the book down and curse to myself.


I have been really poor at updates, I know. *irony of all irony* I was just going to say "The Pearl's have aren't here anymore....whine whine whine....say something depressing...." And then an email from Laybo herself emerged in the gmail inbox...it appears she has joined facebook! Can this be true??? HAHAHAHAAaaaa! Shock and Awe, folks. Right here on pseudoborica.blogspot.com.

Okay, end digression.

Er, so I know I have been really poor at updates. Well, you know. I do this little thing called "teaching". Takes up some time. Trying to bang out this little things called "A Thesis". Takes even more time. Ah, life. Why do you distract me so from my drunken mumbles and half-assed updates? It just isn't right, I know. I know. Me and Senor "Priorities" are working on this, together.

Well, I'm about 3 seconds from drunk emailing/texting/IMing....and that just wouldn't be smart. So I'm going to shut down shop over here, so there is no temptation.

I was going to give you my pizza recipe, but I'm too lazy to type it. (Don't judge me. It's been a long day.) You know my contact info if you are really that interested.

*update 15 minutes later* ..... forgot to tell you THERE WAS NO WATER YESTERDAY FOR LIKE 10 HOURS. Yes. No Water. They locked the bathrooms at the university. Was that humane? I think not. More so, they didn't decide to actually close the university until 4:30PM. There had been no water since like 9.30AM. I understand you don't "need water to teach"....but....YOU NEED WATER TO LIVE. I rest my case. (The water at my house didn't turn back on until 10PM).
Also just had a great boy-bashing session with Chabely via MSN. Not so much "bashing" as a "reflection".... Love men. Can't settle on just one.
*photo of my sister Victoria. She looks insane because she is.

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