11 March, 2008

Spring Cleaning.

Whewwww. Another week down. Shitz has been crazy. For all those wondering how my conference presentation went, 1.) thank you for your concern and 2.) i'm not ready to talk about it yet and 3.) hopefully you will have a 2nd chance to see me in San Juan come Novemeber :D

I need just a *few* more days to think about something, read about something, and write about something other than "The Dandy". However, I will mention that I got free lunch and a bunch of other useless free crap --- *yay*....

What more, you ask? Um, not much besides school, I'm afraid. Oh! I did obtain some pictures from the other weekend. Yes, I took the pictures. But since my camera is kaput, I took them with the camera of the couple that was visiting Leibo. It's kind of become a hobby of mine...steal the camera, take pictures. Unforch, in this case, they didn't end up with too many pix of themselves, because Leibo was just being too damn funny! Here is the Socialite Leilani Show:

NEXT WEEK IS SEMANA SANTA a.k.a. EASTER BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. cannot. wait!

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Julia said...

i had given up excess internet usage for lent, so i haven't read your blog since lent started... but! i just read posts and wanted to assure you i am missing you, thinking of you, and proud of you.
keep on rockin on.
peace and love, Julia