11 March, 2008

where the f*ck are me lucky charms?

Ah, the holiday season yet again. I swear when you are alone, it feels like they never stop coming. Christmas, New Years, V-day, Easter…I mean, seriously...! Plus, we’ve already established P.R. is like the holiday capitol of the world (more than Europa, even, as they celebrate all U.S., PRican, African American, Caribbean AND Taino/Indian holidays).

What did I give up for Lent, you ask? Good question. I’m sooo glad you asked...
In light of how mad busy the last month has been (and also the fact I am a terrible Catholic and never seem to realize it’s Lent until Palm Sunday…), I’ll just say “sex”. Let's go with that. And now that Lent is practically over, it seems like a totally plausible commitment. Only 1 more week to go! *yay*…..

However, I do have the Irish on my side! St. Patty’s is usually a pretty safe holiday, as it isn’t so difficult to find someone to get smashed with.

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Ang said...

Hi cuz :). Thanks for the link, I returned the favor. (I admit though my audience is primarily Espanoles ;)).
I miss you girl! xoxo