02 March, 2008

In the Library. Again.

You know, doing some work...or not, because I'm writing this blog thing. Its cool, its cool...I have time. 4 days, to be exact, to write this motherfucking essay, which I should have written *roughly* a month ago, considering to circumstances, and how I do not want to appear "an ass" when I present it. Yesterday I did take Jaybo's advice, and stopped reading and started writing, and went back to reading when I needed more info and it has proven in fact to be a successful plan. Because now I actually have written something, as opposed to just thinking about what I will write....yeahhh....."thinking" about what you want to write is in fact just another dirty procrastination trick and gets you nowhere. Noted.

I've also made the mistake today of listening to my "homesick" playlist on iTunes again. I swear to God, I'm never never listening to it again unless I'm actually homesick first. It's a bit of a High Fidelity situation first: "was i miserable because I listened to pop music, or did I listen to pop music because I was miserable...?" What came first, the chicken or the egg, etc etc...

Um, anyway. It kind of was a monumental weekend at home, seeing as how 1 of the 3 main bars on "Main Street" brought in new owners this weekend. Jimmy's Bar and Lanes: R.I.P. Hopefully they decided to keep the carpeted walls and the dead animal heads/mounted fish decor, that's all I can say. *sigh* I also wouldn't argue a change in the bar staff to include someone other than 22 year old townie jackasses who come to work in their "shit kickers". Just a suggestion.

In other news, the "seasons" are changing here in Puerto Rico. The past few days have shown a change from being 75 and balmy, t0 80 and slightly less balmy. Believe me, I never thought I would be able to decipher 5 degrees and a minor wind change, but I definitely can. However, I am by no means complaining :)

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