25 February, 2008

Puuuertoo Ricoooo....You Lovely Islaaand!

This weekend I attended my first ever surf competition AND IT WAS FUCKING LAME! Granted, it was *probably* because there were "no waves", but....I wasn't impressed with the surfing. The $1 Corona's and perfect weather? That I was impressed with.

Not Impressed With....$7.50 Pina Colada's at the pool side bar
Impressed With............the pool side bar, and only paying for 1 drink instead of 2 because we are dishonest people.

Not Impressed With.......waiting 30 minutes at the worst bar in Rincon to get a drink.
Impressed With..............Leilani stealing a bottle of wine (and a bottle opener) from said bar because they were taking so long; drinking said bottle of wine to following night on the Pearl's balcony.

Not Impressed With.....Nativo's kitchen closing at 2am when munchies are in full force.
Impressed With.............the Nativo guy opening the kitchen and serving us some nacho's at 3:30am because he is in love with Leilani.

Those are some highlights. It was a really the perfect weekend, if you want to know the truth. No immediate pictures because my camera has been broken since December. Too bad. Maybe some will pop up.


Rebekah said...

Maybe you should say "A" perfect weekend, instead of "the" perfect weekend. I mean, just a suggestion. You might hurt peoples' feelings who believe that "the" perfect weekend would involve being drunk with THEM in paradise/on a pontoon.

I'm not saying, Im just saying...

Jbird said...

ummm OBVS "A" is what i meant. you know that.

Jennifer said...

well said bekah, I was very delighted with the heat wave we had this past weekend, shit i broke out the bikini and sunscreen when it broke 30, you?