10 September, 2007


Fine. So "madly" and "wildly" "in love" may have been a *slight* exaggeration in terms. It happens, it's cool. Perhaps "fleeting crush" would better describe the situation.

So, on Friday I had a Food and Wine Fest, which turned into a Food, Wine, and mad amounts of Rum Fest. Rum always finds it's way into the picture here in Puerto Rico. Imagine that. It's the damnest thing. jjejeje. ANYhoo...Jaybo and Laybo (my new nicknames for Jason and Leilani) came over at 8ish, and we dove into the first bottle or rum. We started playing a game where we all had to take turns playing a song, and it had to be better than the last persons songs. It was how you say "wicked awesome"....! Ummm then the colombians came, and Leybo played hostess while Jaybo and I had some sort of musical debate that ended in a futile attempt at trying to get a good internet connection. The rest of the night is a follows:

10pm: some guy who ended up being jason's student eats all the homemade pizza i made. I don't care, because he tells me it's the best pizza he's ever eaten. Eat it all, man! I had some Rioja for supper anyway.

10:15pm: Leilani spills the first drink of the night.

10:20pm: I spill the second drink of the night.

11pm: we are all on my balcony, attempting conversation, which is harder than you would think given language issues, but at the same time easier given the fact everyone is WASTED. For real, the key to any good party is making sure everyone is drinking, at all times. Not just "has a drink in their hand" at all times, they must be actually consuming it at all times. True story, it works.(And having sangria usually helps, but that's for another time.)

11:30pm: Jaybo and I have a heart to heart about Neutral Milk Hotels In the Aeroplane Over the Sea that ends with us listening to the ending of Oh Comely about 15-20 times in a vain attempt to trying a voice at the end.

11:30 - 1am: Blur and I don't remember.

1:15am: We decide to go to Sands, because hey, it's a fantastic bar and they have $2 drink specials on Friday's, and why wouldn't we go to Sand's??? Plus, my Spanish seems to be getting better by the minute and I'd like to try it out on some other fine residents living on this steaming rock called Puerto Rico.

2:30am: I''ve had 3 drinks at Sand's when I should have had 0 drinks at Sand's.

9:30am: I wake up in my bed next to an advil bottle and a glass of ice tea, a bruise on my leg and hand, a broken toilet seat, no blankets or sheets on my bed, and a missing pillow. That means it was a good night.

Also, Laybo let me borrow Therese Raquin and it's fantastic and I have almost finished it in one day. It's kind of like what I imagine one of those trashy novels with cowboys and large breasted women in them would read like--- murder, sex, deceit, lies- all the good stuff. But I have never read one of them, even though I bought 3 of them at a garage sale last summer for 25 cents each. Anyway, the point is, I think this book is basically a really old version of one of those romance novels (this book was written in 1867 or something), and since it is considered "literature" I feel that justifies my reading and liking it. :) Plus, I am a sucker for novels set in Paris!

Pizza Crust

DJ Laybo

Jaybo at the beach


teaviant said...

i totally have to plan a trip. I want to get drunk with you!!


Jason said...

I, Jaybo, was lucky enough to be at this party. Happily, this is one of the less incriminating pictures of me on the web. Earlier in life, I was down on my luck and... well... Anyway! My brain swam gleefully in a sea of rum and coke.