03 September, 2007

Sometimes, ya just gotta.

OKAY, first things first ---- I am madly and wildly in total love!!! But don't tell anyone....it would ruin my image. :) jejejejejejjjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i joke, i joke! but seriously...
Where to begin, where to begin...how about Saturday night??? 10pm-ish?? Does that work for everyone...? Well, that's where I will start, because that's when things started to get interesting!

10pm: I am alone in my apartment, debating if it would be a good idea to go out. I have the option to go out with some columbians. I am a little nervous to go by myself, and nervous for language barrier situations. I decide I have 2 options: 1.) to stay home and not go out (which, let's face it, isn't really "me"...) OR 2.) calm my nerves by getting drunk before I go to the party. I decide to call Bekah and debating it out loud with me as I mix my first drink.

10:45pm: Naturally, Bekah fully supports option 2. Some people look poorly upon drinking alone. In the words of Rhett Butler, "Don't drink alone, Scarlett. People always find out and it ruins your reputation." I beg to differ. Bekah takes the situation into consideration, and understands me and my ways. Which is why we are friends. She gives me her blessing, and the advice to "stay away from the cocaine table". Check.

11pm: Columbians pick me. We go to their apt and drink. One of them is a total dreamboat.

12am: Still drinking. Language barriers cannot stop me.

1am: Still drinking. Dreamboat said he is driving us to the beach tomorrow. WONDERFUL.

2am: we decide to go out. many bars are closed, but we find this fantastic little bar with music and cheap beer!!! dancing, drinking, dancing with dreamboat, smoking with dreamboat, dancing, drinking with dreamboat, smoking....

4:30am: Dreamboat walks me home and i am offically in love.

5:10am: I text Bekah and pass out.

SUNDAY: Essentially, I go with Dreamboat to Rincon, he has to find some endangered plant for colegio or something that supposedly grows in Rincon. We went to this beach, and it was fantastic to swim. I fucking love the ocean so bad. I love swimming. And I found a bunch of sea glass, which I've been collecting since Barcelona in 2003. And then we went on this crazy adventure through the jungles of Puerto Rico searching for this plant that i can't ever remember the name of and have no idea what it looks like. So I guess he was "searching", not me...but whatev. He never found it, in the end. Which is truely a shame, because that means we will have to go back next weekend to look again :)

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teaviant said...

you know Jessica, you shouldn't worry about drinking alone. Drinking is a lovely thing among many lovely things. We don't worry about showering alone or eating alone or watching a movie alone, why in god's name should drinking be any different. I say, if you want a cocktail, have a cocktail.

p.s. your blog makes me laugh out loud and i found myself repeating over and over again at the front desk at work..."I really just love my friends"