24 August, 2007


AY benditoooo!!! So, Rincon is amazing. On Wed night I went out with Jason and Leilani, and it was such a damn good time. I love going out with those 2, they are a riot...! For sure I am moving to Rincon, asap. Like when i get a car, and my lease in Mayaguez runs out. I did a little "networking", and I am pretty sure I will be able to work at a bar in Rincon over Christmas break, when I can't afford to fly home. SO, that would be fantastic....! Let me start from the beginning:
we go to "the rum shack" to eat and have some drinks. They had the most delicious shrimp I have ever tasted. We became friends with the waitress. We plan to meet her at this other bar (i can't remember the name) after her shift.
Unnamed bar: It was a dive place with pool tables. I clearly remember Jason going to the jukebox, and coming back with his money still because, in his words, "there is nothing I want to spend 25cents to hear...not even something ironic." Puuulleasse. Leilani and I took care of the tunes. Then after a while, we decided to move along to a different bar by the ocean which they said was really cool.
However, once we arrive, it's closed. Luckily, there are 3 puertoricans sitting outside still, and we become friends and tell us about this other bar they are going to and so we all ride there together like old friends. I can't remember their names, but they were super cool and I think we made plans to see them again soon. And I think I it's them who i put in my phone as "rdson", you know, because that almost spells "rincon"...i don't know. then there was this old lady at the bar who we started talking to and she was cool, but then she started crying and telling us this story about her brother...who died. It was very tragic. and then she invited us over to her house for lasanga. Why lasanga??? i don't get it, but it sounds delicious. However, it was like 2:30 in the AM, so it wasn't really the right time for a lasanga party. OH, and they best part: that night. I had my first puertorican fell madly in love with me!!!! Since I'm so charming and all :) jejejeje. He wanted to give me a "tour of the bar" which was like, you know, 20x20 sq. feet, so it's not like there was much to tour. So that was slightly creepy, I can't remember what i did, but i avoided the situation like pro. It was all very strange, becuase the 3 guys from other other bar we also bartending at this bar. it's like, they closed the one bar to come work at this bar or something.
Let's face it, it's all a blur, so i'll stop boring you with trying to piece it together right now.

Jason and Leilani:

This weird surfer bar and Jason's head. I think i was trying to get a pic of the bartender, who was the epitomy of Point Break and all other surfer cliches rolled into one living human being (Jason's description):
The last bar we were at, Tevo's or something....? Where the drunk lady telling stories was.

group shot:
OKAY, i wake up at Jason and Lei's in the morning to this:

...which is why i'm moving to Rincon. And then I skipped my afternoon class and we went to the beach:

And then I went home to Mayagez, took a nap and went to class. And then that night, it was "Yellowpass", which my students have been talking about, but I don't really know what it is, but I found out it's this gigantic music festival party thing, and it's happening right outside my apartment. It was HUGE, people and cars EVERYWHEREEEE...cars were parked on the sidewalks. i wish i would have taken pictures, but i wasn't expecting to drink or stay out. HOWEVER, in the line for the bathroom, i met a girl from Boston, she is teaching surfing lessons in Aguadilla!! So then, I had to stay, because she was so fun!! AND she said she will give me surfing lessons this weekend, which i hope comes true. Umm, and now i am sitting here writing this before i teach in 2o minutes, but i know none of my students are going to be in class today because they will be too hungover from last night.


Lindsey said...

Oh Jess, your postings make my heart hurt! I wish I could have gone soooo badly! We need to talk, things are in the works stateside...you might be interested in hearing my new developments. Miss you kiddo.

Rebekah said...

weird! sometimes, i skip class and go to the beach! here i was, thinking i was the only one...jeje

Julie-33 said...

Things to do in Puerto Rico:

1. Learn to use "Flash" setting on camera.
2. Learn to rotate pictures 90 degrees right.
3. Keep writing so I can live vicariously through you!

Love ya!

Julia said...

jess~ i love that i am laughing at your postings at Nun Boot Camp. certainly your life this year shall contribute greatly to my inevitable holiness! :D
love you!