17 September, 2007

48 Hours of Perfection.

Please don't hate me after you see these pictures. I almost hate myself, if that makes sense(if such a thing were possible :) However, this weekend was....basically perfect. I know I have said before that I love Sand's, but...i LOVE Sand's!! The bartender there is maybe the nicest person I've ever met in my life. He told me "mi casa is su casa", so now I know for sure we are friends, and that makes me very happy. When I was there on Friday he only charged me $2.50 total. For everything. And....WATCHED THE YANKEES AND THE SOX! Yeah, that's right. If you happened to miss it, don't worry. The only thing you really missed was the Sox fucking themselves over yet again. How can you be carrying a 5 run lead into the top of the 8th and fucking LOSE THE GAME???!!! HOW, Red Sox? How...? Well, Joey (the bartender) and I were watching the game and the Colombians met me there and I made them wait until the game was over. And this other guy, a newyorkrican, met us there to and he is supercool and hopefully i hang out with him again the future. He took us to the most amazing bar I've ever been too. I can't remember the name, but I felt like...I was in Puerto Rico. They had this 10 piece band playing, which was totally awesome. The puertoricans were dancing in the front, and one girl would wear an apron and dance in the middle. Beautiful dancing, not grindy flithy reggaeton style. And after a while, she would take off the apron and put it on another girl who would dance in the middle. It was truely amazing to watch, and the band themselves really blew my mind. So much talent!!! It's crazy. I don't want to taint the experience by comparing it to this awful, awful movie, but... it felt like Dirty Dancing. There, i said it. *sigh* ONLY in the sense, though, that I was seeing something I have never, ever seen before, like a little gem of puerto rico that I was somehow lucky enough to stumble into.

This is supposed to be a girl dancing:

The band: (sorry Julio, I still can't figure out the rotation thing...)

I got home at 8:15 AM, and needed to meet Manda and Dan at 8:45AM because we were goingto Rincon, to the beach! So...basically, I took a shower and went to meet them. The plan was to go to this hotel "Rincon by the Sea", because I had been there with Jaybo and Laybo, and you can just walk in and use their pool/private beach, etc. SO, that is where we went, and I can't think of a better place to nurse a semi-hangover than at a pool bar, knowing you have a private beach 10 feet away. Seriously.

So, after taking a bloody mary poolside (as seen here), I moved over to the beach....

to take a nap.

See, here i am!

got sunburned. But who cares. It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I'm starting to realize it's impossible for me to do work of any kind on the weekends. Oh well. That's what Monday-Thursday's are for.


Ang said...

Are those your sexy legs, or what?
Again, looks like life is treating you finely. xoxoxo

Rebekah said...

Maybe if you saved the pictures AFTER rotating them...jeje

SO. JEALOUS. Jerk. :o)

Too bad I can't come down there before T & D's wedding, so I could get a fabulous tan. How the eff are you still burning, after going to the beach so much?!

V.B.M. said...

This is the web, so i found you... you're my prof., but this isn't college, sorry about my english... you like that people comment you so... You're a party girl, so you can conect so fast in Puerto Rico... We are your family now... In Puerto Rico go to party is "janguear"(new word for your vocabulary);-)