27 September, 2007



To make up for a non-eventful weekend, Wed. nights never seem to disappoint. It was a Jaybo and Laybo reunion at Sand's --- only to find out Joey is QUITTING! W.T.F.
"Uh....shit," I thought to myself, "where will I go to drink?"

Enter KarrieAnn.

"La Cava" is the name of the new bar I will be circulating, after Joey's departure. KarrieAnn knows what's up. She understands the absolute necesessity of a cheap drink. Wine was also involved, which made things even a little more enjoyable.

Many new fun people + new fun bar - joey quitting + jaybo/laybo reunion + over the midweek hump = full success of a night.

I have to wake up for a meeting in...t- 5 hours.


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Rebekah said...

I totally get it. Totally.