14 August, 2007

wine: liquid of the gods.

So many things in this brain of mine!

FIRST: tonight = FANTASIC! my electicity was turned on and in a celeberation response, i fucking went GROCERY SHOPPING BITCHES!!! i have a fridge now!! and a stove! y LUZ!!! funny thing about puerto rico: they are spanglish masters. I find myself using spanglish a lot now, which is fine. I think that means i'm making progess in my spanish, no??
OKAY, the point is, I made grilled cheese tonight as my celebration dinner for getting elecricity. i am *probably* AKA FOR SURE the most fdantasic grilled cheese maker on the planet. i want to start a competion for who can make the best grilled cheese, just so i can enter and WIN!!!! not to be concieted. "I" before "e" except after "c"!!! i don't fucking care. i'm drunk man!!! in celebration!! they have like the best happy hours here! 25 cent for a beer!??! that is unheard of!!! okay, but a little something, a ?"fun fact" if you will: Boone's Farm costs motherfucking $6.50!!!!!!! no shit!! i think the last time i bought iin the states (this summer....let's be honest...) it was like $1.99 or something. I mean, what a mark up!!! i tried to take a puicture of it tonight, but i couldn't because my camera battery was DEAD! dammit. i'll get evidence of that though, asaop . sorry for the spelling mistakes. but i'm a little "not sober". I teach Engluish people!! that is so funny. loveit. It's writing thou, not grammar so whatev. i don't ned to enforce all that silly spelling crap and what not. WEll, basically, i wanted to write this blog because i am listening to my itunes riht now and it's SO FUNN!!! have i mentioned i LOVE and am OBSESSED with the song "Heard it in a Love Song" by the marshall tucker band??!! i know, RANDOM!!!! but i heard it at my prof's house this past weekend while we were outside eating, and i thought to myseld "if i were at home with my parents, this is exactly what we would be listening to right now..." They do have like the best record collection ever...I totally need a record player down here, stat. GOD I LOVE RECORDS. Last night i called home and talked to Victoria, and she was like "are you coming home to visit this weekend?" and i was like "ummm....no, i moved away, honey..." feeling odd and a little bad that she doesn't "get this"....And she was like "oh, you moved...?" and i said "yeah (um hellooo??!), i won't be home until the winter" and she was like "the WINTER???!!!" "yeah," i said, feeling pretty bad at that point that i am just now realizing i won't see my little baby sister for 6 entire months...and she was like "oh. OK, bye! " click, end of convo.
Never turned to a little child for symphathy or to feel wanted, is my point. I'm not exactly who to tell you to turn to if you need to feel wanted in this world, but i will say a 4 year old sister is not your best option.
Uh, so yeah. This concludes Drunken Thoughts, v. 1.0. Goodnight.

*update* I am embarassed and shocked at myself for admitting to 1.) having a song by The Marshall Tucker Band on my computer and 2.) saying i "loved" and was "obsessed" it. *CRINGE* I will not delete that part of the entry, though i am very, very tempted to do so...

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Julia said...

i wish i could come drink 25 cent beers and roll my eyes at people honking their horns...
so totally i randomly thought: "omigosh! i wonder if jess will experience a hurricane!" so if that happens, i hope you'll be safe and write all about it on here.
bless ya, love ya, julia