09 August, 2007

This is how we do it.

SO, last weekend: BEACH TIME! and it was fabulous. Here are some pictures documenting the trip:

First, on the way there, we stopped at a gas station. I had to take a picture, because there were chickens running around the gas station. I hate chickens, but it was unreal and hilarious none the less.

As we are driving, I'm getting a little worried, because we keep passing these swaps and dark bodies of water that look nothing like the clear blue waters and white sand pictures in Frommer's...plus, the beach we are going to is called Playa SUCIA.
Then we pass a salt mine.
But thankfully, just around the corner was this:


HALLELUJAH! thankyougod. I have about a million pictures for this place, but here are a few so you get the idea:

This is the lighthouse that is supposedly the "pride and joy" of Puerto Rico, which I found out from a Puerto Rican when he heard me say, "it's so small"...I mean, seriously! Compared to lighthouses in the U.S.....it's small. Really small. But whatev. It's pretty cool anyway :)

Then, after the beach, Manda (the other T.A. from the states) and I were invited to go to dinner at the friends of our English directors home. Ummm, their house is unreal. The man, Paul, is a Biology prof at the college, and his wife Cricket does some sort of biology work too. And they happen to have this crazy awesome house with a Japanese garden in the back!!! We are talking like plants, flowers, fountains, koi fish...everything. So here are some pics from that:

The end.

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teaviant said...

Salt Mines, a woman named Cricket and a japanese garden. I officially hate you!


p.s. Once I get my job situation organized, I need to plan a trip to see you.