03 August, 2007

Round dos

It appears I have forgotten to mention this, but I have been staying with one of the professors and her family....and they happen to live in Lajas, which is ON THE CARIBBEAN. Tonight we had dinner on their deck, which is exactly how you would imagine a deck on the Caribbean would look like: tiki torch, christmas lights wrapped around things, people with beers and wine glasses in hand, etc etc....*sigh* It was super good. AND i am a lot excited because today I met this new professor and his wife, they came from Boston!!! They are super cool and they live in Rincon, which is (from what i have heard...) the best beach town on the west of PR and a surfing beach!!!! So I have to work my charms on them so they invite me to their house for the weekend :) Tomorrow I am moving into my apt, and on Sunday the son of the prof I am staying with is driving to the beach, clearly i am going with!!! It should be how you say "awesome"...!! Networking, people!!! I'm all about the networking. I don't know. Tomorrow I guess i have to buy a mattress, which totally sucks. I don't want to actually *purchase* one, you know? It's stupid...I mean, i could be spending that money on day trips to the beach, right??? Speaking of money, funny story: I was under the impression I would be getting paid X amount of dollars for this T.A. thing, X being spread out over the entire semester. HOWEVER, since my Spanish is for shit, I misunderstood this little tidbit of info and found out yesterday that ACTUALLY i will be getting paid X amount EVERY MONTH!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!
I did take some pictures today, of the doctors office. There was this clock on the docs office, seriously from 1970. it's one of the "digital" ones, where the numbers actually "flip", if you know what i'm trying to describe....ancient. ANYWAY, I still have this medical red tape to get through, and I had to go to the doctor today to get tests, like a million of them. OKAY, get this: they have like a 15 point list of things you need to submit and get tested for and what not (for the college) and I was browsing the list, thinking it was pretty ridiculous i have to practically go into quarantine before I am allowed to attend this school, and as i scanned the list, the word "sífilis" pops out at me.
"Surely I am not required to be tested for fucking syphilis", i think to myself. "Surely this is one of those words that looks similar, but means something else in Spanish. A "cognate" if you will....

No. I had to be tested for syphilis, a requirement for anyone entering the colegio.

I passed, in case you are wondering :)

Here's the clock:

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Julia said...

the clock cracks me up. i love your narrations!
and, dude! great news about the $!
peace, J