02 August, 2007


So I've been here for almost a week now. SHIT. I don't even know where to start. Don't you hate it when you see relatives you haven't seen in about a million years, and they ask "what you have been up to", and you can't really sum up the last 15 years of your life in 5-10 minutes so you just shoot them the same old same old generic school, boyfriends, career BS? That's kind of the feeling i have, BUT I'M NOT GOING TO DO THAT. Oh no, friends. I shall not let you down. I'll give the best highlights and low lights thus far!

Let us start with the flight over here: It was delayed. Indefinitely. And I'm really fucking starting to hate airlines, because even if there is a g-damn tsunami on the entire East Coast (as there was the day i was suppose to fly out), they refuse to cancel the flight because then that would mean they have to comp like 50 hotel rooms for people. No, no. That would be too..."decent", is the word I'm looking for, i guess. Making people believe their flight is going to leave in 2 hours....no, 3 1/2 hours....no, in just 1 more hour is the angle the airlines like to take when it comes to these situations, and before you know it your supposed to be landing in San Juan and your motherf*cking plane hasn't even left Milwaukee. But the flight still isn't "cancelled", just "delayed". Riiiiiight, right. ANYWAY, long (very long) story short, I eventually went to the ticket counter to get another flight booked, and "Bernard" booked me another flight leaving from Chicago (instead of Milwalkee) the next morning. Except, no Bernard, you hadn't booked me a flight, you useless a**, so i had to weep and beg when i got to Chicago for someone (18 hours after i was supposed to be in San Juan) to get me a freaking flight to PUERTO RICO. If it were up to Continental Airlines, I would probably still be in Milwalkee airport, waiting for them to un "delay" their little flight.

I digress. The ride in a tiny charter plane from San Juan to Mayaguez over the Caribbean at sunset made all that airport shit forgettable :)

We will fast forward to today, when I found the most fabulous, gorgeous, PERFECT apartment!!!!!!!!! Finding an apt was an adventure in itself, considering on any given day I understand about 10% of what people are saying to me en espanol. Listening to a 3 hour lecture yesterday was interesting...Lots of smiling and nodding is involved. Maybe a blank stare if i think they have just tried to tell me something important. BUT ANYWAY, the apartment: It has a balcony!!!! and the bathroom is basically amazing. I will post some pictures after i officially move in (hopefully tomorrow). Let me just say 2 words: CERAMIC BATH!!! GOD, it's so beautiful. There was also a little dilemma today when i tried to withdraw money from the ATM, and NO MONEY CAME OUT. Which wouldn't have been an "urgent" problem, however, IT DEDUCTED IT FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT NONETHELESS. which, again, wouldn't have been "such a huge deal", but i happened to be withdrawing mucho dinero for rent money. So that's a pickle that's going unresolved for tonight.

OH! and today i ate lunch from a food truck thing on the side of the road (for $1.40!!!!). And so far, I have no signs of food poisoning. :)

Here are so pictures of My Going Away Party/Watercross Party/Anna's Bach Party, since I have them on my computer and all :) :) :) I'll do some awesome PR pictures soon, like this weekend. I think.

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