21 August, 2007

one more for the road

I forgot I took this picture, and I just feel compelled to share it. You may have heard from a little bird that Puerto Ricans are in fact very bad drivers. That bird spoke the truth. The gospel truth. Below you will see a line of parked cars.

First question you should ask yourself: "Which side of the road do puertoricans drive on?"

"legally correct"Answer: The right side.

HOWEVER, as you can see from this picture, the "universally accepted answer" to the question is actually any side of the road i feel like. Puertoricans drive down both sides of the road, whatever feels right at the moment. Never mind that silly yellow line drawn in the middle of the pavement. Though some would say this line is a tool to ensure order on the roads, puertoricans know the real meaning of it: it's just a damn line.

1 comment:

Rebekah said...

Probably my favorite part of international travel: I drive where I want. I think I'm just going to start thinking of all the lines as "just a damn line."