30 December, 2011

One Last Thing.

I made it out alive, you guys. I write you now officially as a PhD student who has finished her first semester of classes. A PhD student thinking perhaps she should have cut back on the RHONJ episodes this summer and making her way through every drink in the Bartender's Black Book, and perhaps incorporated a touch more academic preparation. WHOOPS! It was fun while it lasted, and now the party is definitely over (but not really, as i am on Christmas break right now, soooo....yup, still time for a party).

This means obviously I am no longer a Pseudo Boricua.  :( It means I now live in a world of perpetual snow instead of sand. This ALSO means I have a new blog with a new name. Email me, or put YOUR email in the comments if you want the new address.

I wish this final post was more...final. But the fiesta continues, so I guess it really isn't goodbye after all. We are headed to the after party, guys! Come on! And yes, there will be Don Q there!!!*

*seriously, i found some in the grocery store in my new town! 


Bex said...

Sad day...leaving the island.

PS - email Tessa your new blog address. OH, and me.

Heart you!

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