29 May, 2011

My Candle Burns at Both Ends

I think I realize why weekends were invented. And that is to say that I've realized no one should really be going out for more than 3 days in a row.That shit is exhausting. And now I have to cram the last 4 years into two suitcases and a carry on. :(  I can't say that I couldn't use a drink for this project.

I closed out my PRican bank account on Friday and I really almost started to cry. I mean, this is the real deal. I'M LEAVING PUERTO RICO IN 3 DAYSSSSSS!!!!

In happier news, this weekend (my last weekend!!!) shaped up to be something legendary. On Tuesday, I forgot that when drinking with a 230 pound male, you probably shouldn't try and go drink for drink with him... particularly if it involves tequila. Because if  you do, you will end up with double vision by 9pm and have to go home to pass out. WONDERFUL!

On Thursday morning I woke up with sand in my hair and in my ears and in my bed. Sometimes that happens. I also had a huge bruise on my knee from drunkenly chasing JC down the beach before I fell over....something. A piece of bamboo? A rock? A shell? Maybe. The air? More likely.

Friday. I ate and drank with some friends in the afternoon, and then went somewhere else and drank some more. And danced. Some more. Repeat until the wee hours of the AM. I also learned that Ron Barrilito gives my some wicked heartburn. So that's kinda a shame.

That being said, Saturday was not the greatest day for me, as I had the shakes and wanted the Earth to swallow me up and spit me back out when this hangover was over. Instead of going to Skapularo on Sat, which was an event I had been looking forward to for a week or so, I had probably my last date night w/ The Hwy before I leave and watched a movie and then read in bed and looked forward to waking up tomorrow (today!) and not feeling like a junkyard. I think it worked!

The only pic from that night appropriate for the Internet

Medalla: Where would i be w/o you? (at home in bed)
That happened.

"My candle burns at both ends
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends -
It gives a lovely light."
 - Edna St. Vincent Millay


Anonymous said...

Im glad we got to spend some 'Puerto Rican evenings' together. BTW your fall was just for the history books; seeing someone roll on wet sand in front of you while drunk: priceless!

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